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Combine Sex and the City with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, shake well, and pour over ice. With a knowing eye, sophisticated patrons—expecting a saccharine blend of perky anecdotes and flip self-deprecation—sample the mixture with tepid anticipation. Suddenly, a fierce burn surges cool and sharp toward the cockles of their heart.

The Bender Files is what jam-packed Chick-Lit shelves in bookstores everywhere actually have room for: not another candy-colored paperback about martinis, man-catching and Manolo Blahniks; but a work of postmodern literature having more in common with Pulp Fiction than Plum Sykes.  

Themes of free will vs. fate along with topics of sex, dating, and relationships are explored in this loosely fictionalized memoir documenting an edge-skating trans-continental urban odyssey in pursuit of the American Dream. Whether the main character is pushed by destiny or pulled by her aspirations, the past shapes the road she takes peppering her current and future life with often dire consequences.

Wavering between sensible give-and-take and rash defiance, our protagonist’s shrewd and curious nature tempts fate at the hands of a variety of polished, volatile, and criminal characters. They are based on a cosmopolitan set of real-life friends, lovers, and hustlers who relay with our heroine as she careens from one adventure to the next on an uncertain yet stubborn quest for truth and fulfillment.

Veteran Chick-Lit authors who have served tours of duty in concrete jungles made of glassy high rises and posh nightclubs share accounts of prowling through mine fields of sexual, social, and corporate politics. My story is about a civilian who stepped through the looking glass and went down the rabbit hole to find in the trenches that things can go from Dior to David Lynch faster than a line of coke up a plastic nose job at the Playboy Mansion.

Books crowding Chic-Lit shelves, like bottles of OPI in a nail salon, are filled with lacquered tales from the cubicle to the catwalk prescribing shopping and cocktail binges with girlfriends as cure for crisis. But amidst the confessions and diaries, there is no chronicle about a woman who travels the back roads to her destiny only to find herself on the dark side of the velvet rope where the rich and glamorous press flesh with the corrupt and dangerous.

The protagonist of The Bender Files is more about character and chutzpah than Chanel and Hermes. No one is supermodel built, ivy-league bred, or the dorky girl next door who manages to charm the confirmed bachelor down the wedding aisle with her conspicuous naiveté.  This book is actually more “lit” than “chick” complete with engaging plot, ballsy characters and sharp composition.


A fresh voice narrates this breakneck joyride on the road to the American Dream. It is a welcome tonic for readers who’ve grown numb to the clichéd storylines, a must-have addition to libraries of dedicated Chick-Lit fans, and a French manicured “up-yours” to critics who dismiss the popular genre as lacking the literary chops to produce compelling work.

Today’s women have more choices and opportunities available to them than any other generation in history. All women crave glamour and excitement and will delight in taking a ride on the wild side.

College women have an idea of who they are, but because of inexperience, remain insecure about handling relationships and decisions affecting their future. They look at fiction to serve as entertainment and a roadmap to the many possibilities that lie ahead of them.

Career women enjoying a level of accomplishment and independence find fiction they can relate to empowering and endearing. There is comfort and solidarity in recognizing their vices and triumphs in the stories of others.

Men won’t admit to reading anything marketed in feminine packaging, but secretly enjoy gaining insight into the minds of women and “what they really talk about” when the boys are not around.

Together these markets comprise a wide swath of American readers with an interest in Chick-Lit, Street-Lit, or Realistic Fiction.

The Bender Files is a fictional memoir based on true life. Everyday, millions of women everywhere wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and ask themselves, “What am I going do with my life?” This book is for them.